Tuesday, July 19, 2016

LoCo Problems

Greetings Ubunteros,
The opinions below are my own and not necessarily the opinions of other Ubuntu users.
Everything is running smoothly in ubuntu-za and ubuntu-africa. Here is my blog about the ubuntu-africa project.
http://kilosubuntu.blogspot.com I think most will know by now that my main aim is to spread ubuntu as far as I can and see all users happy in their LoCos with good guidance and support.
and the correct way isnt by having over 400 ubuntu users on facebook and no one on irc or using mailing list.

So I got a foolish idea to try and revive LoCos in other areas of the globe and hopefully get them to run as efficiently as my home LoCo. I didnt know what I was getting into.
I started with ubuntu-bd and found 3 nicks on the irc channel and no one
responding. There were over 20 applicants waiting for approval on LP. some for 2 years already. So with some help from the LC we found the owner and he came and agreed to get things going again but said those users prefer facebook and later said he was to busy. And their mailing list is for announcements. I am not a fan of mailing lists but find that they are a good way of getting a message out when one has no irc contact with someone. At least the LP applicants are approved now.  He greeted a few times after that and has now withdrawn again, so pavlushka (the failed applicant) has been trying to get things going again.
At times there are 10 nicks in channel and from chatting to them for the last 5 months, I have learned that they aren't satisfied with the way things are going there.The Ubuntu community spirit is missing.
I then started looking at the ubuntu-pk channel and found it in the same sad state of affairs. After a couple of months an old ubuntu user from pk arrived and was surprised to find any life there and he has been helping regrow the channel. And will apply for Ubuntu membership within a few months. By rights he could have done that years ago imo. But once again the leadership is at fault. Here is his old wiki page
It seems to me that running a LoCo there is a personal badge of honour, and not in the best interests of Ubuntu or with any concern for other users.
Feel free to mail me at msdomdonner at ubuntu dot com or find me daily on irc in

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