Saturday, May 23, 2015

Well well, long time since I last blogged, so decided to start a new blog. What just started life as an idea at a monthly meeting the beginning of this year,  turned into quite a large project, the result of which was a new official ubuntu IRC channel #ubuntu-africa .

The idea was to try to link all LoCos in Africa in one channel so we can share experience and expertise and grow Ubuntu in the whole of Africa. I was rather shocked to find that apart from the ZA team on #ubuntu-za the rest of the continents LoCos had kinda faded away. But half of them now join us on #ubuntu-africa.

After a few weeks of trying to round up the Ubuntu LoCos in Africa and get them to join us on IRC, the Ubuntu-za team decided that having a site to help locate and attract Ubuntu users in Africa could be helpful. With superfly guiding us and doing the ground work using bzr and Nikola then inepro, mopkop and pieter2627 worked on the content. The result of which is

The whole site took a few months to get going because everyone works as well so time is in short supply, but the guys did a wonderful job and the coolest site out there is online.
Well done the ZA team.